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Presenting Matters

Keynote Presentation & Speaker Coaching

After 30 years of being the loudest voice in the room, Michael has learned a few things about Presenting. Whether to camera, a boardroom of people, or to an auditorium of thousands, Michael has the experience.

The television industry’s first choice of warm-up since 1990, Michael has learned the lessons of Focus, Audience Engagement and Communication. In the corporate world as Awards MC to Conference Facilitator, he has learned the lessons of Delivering a Message, Ease on Stage and Adding Value.  And more than that – as an MC of hundreds of corporate functions over the years, he has witnessed many other Keynote Presenters; the good, the not so good, and everyone in between.

PRESENTINGMATTERS is Michael’s opportunity to share his knowledge of what it takes to command an audience, into a flexible, practical training experience. It might be a keynote address – a more tailored talk to a specific group – or one-on-one training.

  • Fear: Why people fear the thought of Public Speaking
  • Focus: Identify the focus in the space – and be it!
  • Audience: What makes one audience different from another – and why does it matter?
  • Story: What is YOUR story – and how to deliver it to affect


In one-on-one training Michael will work with you in three broad areas:

  • Your Presentation: Performance skills - Mic technique - Spatial awareness - Timing - AV support
  • Your Story: Making your story unique - Sculpting the emotional arc – Being authentic
  • Your Message: Adding value to your audience - Bringing out the gold nuggets of lessons learned

"Should you wish to ever promote the plenary session you delivered on Presenting Skills, I would gladly offer myself as a referee. The content of the presentation was outstanding and the talk amongst the room afterwards was that it will surely help our franchisees to run more effective seminars and customer meetings."

Michael is fantastic and very easy to work with. I had a story worth telling but not enough confidence or stage presence to do it justice. In only three hours together, Michael and I were able to put something pretty special together and I was able to deliver my message on a world stage! ONE ON ONE CLIENT

My speaker coaching session with Michael was so great. He was able to help me add more life, colour and depth to my presentations in a really charming and positive way.ONE ON ONE CLIENT

I found Michael both professional and knowledgable as a speaking coach.  His vast experience in coaching showed as he gave me invaluable tips and ways I can improve my speaking as well as the content of my speeches. I highly recommend him to anyone who is a speaker regardless of the stage in their speaking journey they are at as he will give you some new insights into your approach to speaking and how you speak. ONE ON ONE CLIENT

Download a one page flyer: here

Or email to tailor a programme to your needs: info@michaelpope.com.au

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