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Conference Facilitator

From the meet and greet of delegates at the airport, to top and tailing speakers throughout the conference, to finally MCing the gala dinner, Michael Pope can deliver.
Imagine being met by ‘Sergeant Force’ from the Australian Army, or a mime artist with a penchant for pickpocketing. Whether you prefer a character or as himself, Michael guarantees to make your delegates feel;

more involved
more connected with each other
more committed to being there

than at any other occasion. Not everyone can galvanise a group of disparate people and in a very short time make them feel united. Its Michael’s more than 25 years as Audience Warm-Up that has given him the ability to put a room at ease.

Event Organiser
Michael, and his network of industry professionals, can also assist in the overall format of your conference. For some years, Michael was Director of 5YC, a company that ran events to recognise and reward staff loyalty. From;

sending invitations
through to travel arrangements
to arranging keynote speakers
and finally delivering a DVD chronicling the event

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